Monday, 1 February 2010

Life saver and also very decorative jewelry stands

There is no doubt that women are crazy about jewelry. There is nothing such as 'having enough jewelry'! We simply don't have a limit when it comes to necklaces that match our new dress, earrings that match the necklace that matches the dress fallowed by the bracelet that might match the earring and so on...And one day we end up with hundreds of pieces of small jewelry that we never used or just used once but we simply can't get rid of them because each has a history,a special meaning or brings up a memory we don't want to forget. The pile of jewelry keeps growing and it keeps on getting harder to find the matching earring in that pile! Thankfully someone finally invented what is called a jewelry stand. Now in nearly all of our bedrooms we have the same Ikea 'Tree Stand' that comes in white,red and yellow. But if you're looking for a more stylish and decorative one you should check out urban outfitters. They have various stylish jewelry stands that are great for both displaying your jewelry and for using as a stylish decoration item.

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